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According to Spanish supers.ion Tuesday is an unlucky day, even more so if it falls on the th of the month. As the proverb goes, “En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques”. In many Latin American countries it is Friday th that is considered unlucky..See also. days of the week dia de la semana lunes, martes, miercoles, jueves, viernes, sabado, domingo..Define Martes a genus of carnivorous mammals family Mustelidae consisting of the typical martens, the sables, and the fisher.. Last time, we saw that Lunes and Monday are from the same, the moon. Now we will see the same for Martes and Tuesday. Martes, the Spanish for Tuesday, is named after the Roman of War, whom we all learned about in middle school mythology Mars..We provide Filipino to English Translation. We also provide more translator online here..MARTES LISTEN to how toounce Tuesday in Tagalog Filipinounciation. Misspelling Martis..The martens cons.ute the genus Martes within the subfamily Mustelinae, in the family Mustelidae. Martens are slender, agile animals, adapted to living in taigas, and are found in coniferous and northern deciduous forests across the Northern Hemisphere. They have bushys, and large paws with partially retractible . Translation of martes at Merriam Webster s Spanish English Dictionary. Audiounciations, verb conjugations, quizzes and more..Range Description Pine Marten has a wide distribution in the west and central Palaearctic, across most of Europe, Asia Minor, northern Iran, the Caucasus, and in westernmost parts of Asian Russia western Siberia . In Russia, it is expanding to the east in the southern taiga sub zone in Omsk province and Altaiski Krai, .

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    El martes es el segundo o tercer d a de la semana, seg n el pa s o cultura. Sigue al lunes y procede al mi rcoles. El nombre de martes proviene del lat n Martis .

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    Translate Martes. See authoritative translations of Martes in English with example sentences, phrases, and audiounciations..

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    Martes Pinel, un genere di mammiferi carnivori appartenente alla famiglia dei Mustelidi. uno dei nove generi che compongono la sottofamiglia Mustelinae..

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    Sistematica. Tradizionalmente la specie si suddivideva in sottospecie, di cui tre presenti in Italia Martes martes martes Linnaeus, sarebbe la sottospecie .